Friday, October 5, 2007

T.S. Minton Art - archives from "T.S. Minton Blogs"

Featured below (and reference to future postings) are artworks of mine I've scattered throughout my main blog T.S. Minton Blogs...gathered together here in one handy place.
- T.S. "Steve" Minton, Tucson, Arizona.

"Eddie makes a beeline for the bike", 1994 (altered with Photoshop, 2007)
No idea how this one popped out of the outskirts of my subconscious.

(Detail) "(Electric) Eyes of the Future", 2006

"Gone are the days" (detail), 1994

"Oogly Monster", circa 1994

"A man and his future", 1994

"Stragglers in the park", 1994

"The silent world of nature", 2000

"The day Johnny took magic taffy", 1994
Post-psychedelic, to be more accurate.

(Detail) "Chaosmos: DNA Must Prevail", 2006

(Detail) "Eyes of the Future", 2005

"Lime Leopard in Repose", circa 2000

"The dance of Shiva", circa 1994 (altered with photoshop, 2007)

"Flora too can yearn", 1995

"Entrance", 1994.

"This is the age of video violence", 1994 - 1996
(From a song title by Lou Reed.) Praying to the gods of Amerian culture: TV, money, power; and as far as sex...well, notice the look of bemused concern on the face of our preoccupied and vegetated protagonist's woman.

All artwork (C) Thodal S. Minton. All rights reserved.